Marine Technology Consulting

Marine Technology Consulting AS, (MTC), which is a 4 man independent company wholly owned by 4 of the employees, was formed during the summer of 1995.

Services Offered

MTC offers advice related to loading and motion behaviour of floating structures in waves, wind and current. Floating structures means Semisubmersibles, Tension Leg Platforms, Production Tankers or any similar moored or free floating structure. The floating structure may be in the tow to field phase, the installation phase or in the in-place operation phase.

MTC advice will be based on 25 years of experience in the design and analysis of floating systems for the offshore engineering industry. The personnel has been deeply involved in projects such as the Aker semisubmersible, Snorre TLP, Heidrun TLP and Njord catenary moored production floater. Advice will be supported by analysis performed by software which is a combination of purchased industry standard software and software developed through own efforts.

MTC may assist in planning, supervision and summary reporting on model testing.

MTC may advice on the use of statistical methods for improving confidence in such areas as weight control, stability and during the conduct of inclined experiments.

MTC is currently involved in developments of future floating systems such as the tri-column TLPs or semisubmersibles, which the company founder pioneered.

MTC will interact to bridge the gap between mature university research and their application to practical engineering design.

MTC may operate from their own office or within the client organisation.